By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Darpan continues to be the address of luxury.

Near Sona Petrol Pump, Opposite Sikkim Plaza, Sevoke Road | Siliguri | West Bengal
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There are two blocks, Block 1- Pegasus – 43 Units Block 2 – Cygnus - 40 Units
We will be getting approval for 20,000 sq meter from SMC ( Siliguri Municipal Corporation ) after that , we will be taking approval of 5,000 sq meter, once we get approval from pollution

a) Why you have named your project Darpan 88°?
We have enacted the the name DARPAN, as earlier it was a big publication house, which we promoter took over the property & promised to keep the name ‘ DARPAN’ to maintain their legacy.

b) Why 88°?
The latitude and the longitude of our land is 88° north east.

c) How many kinds of flats are available?
Kindly refer to the brochure .

d) What are the sizes of the flats?
Kindly refer to thebrochure .

c) How will the payments be done?
It is a construction link plan. Kindly refer to the attached list.

e) Is the location suitable for me
Yes, as long as you think that the world is not permanent and cities keep growing at a faster pace, than we as human can predict. It is indeed the centre of Cosmopolitan SILIGURI, Kindly Refer to the Brochure for the Location Map.
Yes, the project has been approved from all the leading banks like SBI, ICICI, AXIS, HDFC, IDBI and DHFL. We will facilitate you in getting you the home loan.
a) We are charging the registration/stamp duty, which is prevailing at the time of possession of the flat.

b) The Flat price is excluding 5% G.S.T, With maintenance ,electricity & generator charge .

c)We are charge Rs.21,000 as legal charges which is payable at the time of final payment. We are transparent in our financial dealings and commitment.
Initially we are taking 1 lakh 50 thousand to maintain the society. We promoter will be maintaining the society for 18 months from the date of handover, later on society will maintain all the amenities & facilities . The maintenance cost of per flat will come around Rs.5 per square ft. per month approx.

As, this is the highland apartment , cost might increase nominally.
The other builders are charging the price inclusive of GST. They are not paying from their own pocket, and Darpan believes in total financial transparency with its customers. Thus, we are segregating all the charges for the better understanding of our customers.
Yes, because we believe that the residents , home is not just constraint to his/her flat, but to the entire premises of Darpan 88° . And we Darpan are trying our best to deliver you all the possible comforts. We have to register our project under RERA Act & have to upload all documents in the RERA website, & we promoter have to obey the rules provided by RERA.
We will refer you two to three highly knowledge interior designer who will help you to make “YOUR HOME’’ at extra cost.
You need not be afraid, Japan has got the highest number of high rises in the world, and it is the Earth Quake Capital of the world. A well-engineered building will resist any major earthquake that has happened in India, in the last 50 Years. The structural engineer has designed the building keeping the latest technology and safety in mind. The developer is providing 3 high speed lifts per block. Automatic generators will prevent the lift from getting stuck midway.

Following are the advantages of living in a High rise:
  • Cleaner and fresher air.
  • More sun light
  • Less pollution
  • Less Dust and mosquitoes
  • Less noise pollution
  • More scenic beauty
  • Etc.
Our price structure is uniform, whether the booking is done directly, or through other channels. We neither promote, nor endorse any passing of discounts through other channels and in price, we regularly update our Realtors & Associates through letter and email.
Yes you can. You have to complete the agreement process of both the flats simultaneously.
Carpet area is any space that you are getting within the boundary of four walls (excluding balcony) technically where you can easily lay your carpet. Built up area carpet area plus the walls (internal & external) of your flat. It is generally 12 to 13 % of carpet area.

Super Built Up area is an indivisible and in measureable area which you are getting at the time of purchase of flat it includes common area like passage/lift/stair case/road/lobby/club house/roof open to air amenities and facilities in siliguri, it is generally somewhere between 20 to 25% of SBUA depending on the size of project facilities greenery open space.
As per fire norms, refuge areas are given after 24 meter. If size of the tower is more than 18 meter or 5 stored.

And the size of refuge area is 16 sq. Feet.
Distances between 2 towers are 40 feet.
As per the norms, Depth of the swimming pool cannot be more than 4 feet, as this is for residential purpose, size is 19*50.
Yes you can, as per design provided by your interior, but without hampering the plumbing line.
Normally in siliguri promoters give 10 feet floor to ceiling height, But Normally in siliguri other builders provide you M.S Balcony, But WE AT DARPAN PROVIDING YOU GLASS BALCONY (TUFFEN GLASS BALCONY) ALL THE BALCONIES ARE OF CANTILEVER BALCONY OF 820 SQFT ALL WINDOWS WILL BE OF FRENCH WINDOWS.?
No, but we will help you in getting good quotes from branded company from VRV ac’s.
In case the applicant desires for cancellation of the booking before the execution of the builder buyer agreement, at any time, 10% of the unit cost being the processing cost shall be charged and balance, if any, shall be refunded without any interest. After the execution of the builder buyer agreement, the terms and conditions of the Builder Buyer Agreement shall prevail for cancellation.

In the event the buyer neglects or fails to perform the Buyers Covenants and/ or the obligations on the part of the buyer to be performed after booking and before signing of Agreement what so ever ( For Example Signing of the Agreement, Etc ) The booking shall stand cancel and the full booking amount shall be forfeited by the developer.